Purpose of the Brother's Brother Foundation

The ultimate mission of Brother's Brother Foundation or BBF is to offer international education and health through efficient provision and distribution of resources. These donated resources are either medical, agricultural, educational, and many others. All of the programs that BBF provides are especially designed towards helping others by matching donated resources with the needs of the people.

Another purpose of the organization is to make every gift count. Each gift donated to Brother's Brother foundation does not just go one way. It multiplies into hundreds if not thousands of other gifts from many other organizations and individuals. As part of its mission, it does its very best to have a one percent operating cost for program service value.

It is empirical for every resource to be shared with local equivalent organizations in countries who desire to help others in great need. As part of its purpose, BBF provides resources in forms of goods and services. This includes books, food, medical supplies, seeds, and so much more. The organization is originally dedicated towards the purpose of connecting America's numerous medical resources to the health care needs of the world. It was primarily dedicated to giving immunizations in poor countries all over the world.

Through the years, the mission of Brother's Brother Foundation broadened including other kinds of aid. Along with bigger and well known international agencies such as Rotary International and WHO or World Health Organization, BBF has reached its hands focusing too on many other forms of assistance.

The organization stays true to its overall mission and foundation motto which is "Connecting People's Resources with People's Needs." This statement alone proves that as an international relief, it strives to increase its reach to more people in need in every reachable corner of the world. Its mission will never stop expanding boundaries.


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