Brother's Brother Foundation

Brother's Brother Foundation or BBF is about linking resources that people offer with the needs of others. As a charity foundation, it helps poor people who lack the right health care, nutrition, and education. It is a wide ranging organization that has long been functioning for the benefit of the greater good. Founded by Dr. Robert Hingson in 1958, BBF has created programs to fulfill its encompassing mission.

The Brother's Brother Foundation offers education and international health through cost efficient distribution and proviso of agricultural, medical, and educational resources which are all donations. It has collaborated with international and local agencies who want to help their fellow men. Along with the United States of America and other well off countries, the organization has offered over three billion dollars worth of goods and services including over 92,000 tons of food, medical supplies, textbooks, and seeds. These values have benefited millions giving them better education, health and nutrition, and material security. Best of all, BBF has given them hope.

The foundation's main headquarter is located at Pittsburgh, Philadelphia. Every donation from corporations, governments, faith groups, clubs, ethnic associations, and individuals are very well managed by BBF's trusted staff. The foundation ensures that operating costs are below one percent of program services' value. It has become a haven of love for thousands of volunteers and supporters including builders, teachers, and other professionals who have intricately assigned every donation that the organization has to people who could benefit from them.

Through the years, the foundation has been constantly awarded as a top charity organization. Naming a few of its awards, BBF has been noted as among the 5 most efficient charity organizations with a hundred percent rating in charitable commitment and fundraising efficiency. It has also been listed as among the 10 Gold Star Charities out of two hundred reviewed foundations.


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