Brother's Brother Foundation History

The Brother's Brother Foundation was founded by Dr. Robert Andrew Hingson from Anniston, Alabama. Growing up with a strong interest in health and altruism, he made his way through medical school and became a highly acclaimed medical doctor. He graduated with a Bachelors of Arts degree from the University of Alabama and received his medicine degree from Emory University School of Medicine. He specialized in the field of anesthesiology.

His innovative efforts in the field of medicine led him to the creation of great inventions along with recognizable methods for relieving pain and suffering. He invented the Western Reserve Midget which delivers short term general anesthesia. Dr. Hingson is well known in public health because of his jet injector, which is a tool that has made possible mass and "needle less" inoculation against epidemics and other diseases such as small pox, tetanus, influenza, polio, measles, and leprosy.

His vision of helping billions of people was the key towards establishing the foundation. He wanted to lead thousands of volunteers especially those in the medical field to share their free services during their free time to developing countries. In 1958, together with the Baptist World Alliance, Dr. Hingson made a survey through a medical mission. This then resulted to the establishment of Brother's Keeper. It was a non-sectarian volunteer group which aimed towards connecting America's rich medical resources to those in need. Its primary goal was to offer free immunization in poor countries worldwide.

In 1958, a protest was made by a Nigerian student of medicine. He said that they do not need a keeper but instead they needed a brother. Thus, with his point seriously taken, the name of the organization was changed to Brother's Brother Foundation.

Through the efforts of Dr. Hingson and his dedicated volunteers, BBF has become a global tool for peace, hope, and love. By 1981, he retired from the foundation and Luke Hingson, his son, succeeded him. Today, the vision of Dr. Hingson still remains as an eternal quest for the organization.


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